Dr. Claudio Coddou

Associate Researcher at the Millennium Nucleus MiNuSPain

Biologist from the P. Catholic University of Chile (2000) and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, mention in Physiology (2007), from the same University. He performed his postdoctoral training at the University of Santiago, Chile (2007-2008) and at NICHD, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA (2009-2013).

In 2013, he returned to Chile as an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University of the North in the city of Coquimbo. Actually, he is the head of the Purinergic Signaling lab at this place. His research focuses in study the allosteric regulation in purinergic receptors (P2XRs and P2YRs) as well as to establish the role of purinergic signaling in physiological and pathological events such as pain signaling and cancer.

Brief History

My career as a researcher started in 2013 when I started my tenure at the Catholic University of the North, in Coquimbo, that is my actual affiliation. During these years, I have mentored 4 undergraduate students and one graduate student. In addition, a second graduate student Will start her Ph.D. this year. Two postdoctoral fellows have worked in my lab.

Regarding teaching, I have coordinated both undergraduate and graduate courses, besides to give regular classes in different topics. From 2019 I am part of the Ethical Scientific Committee of my Faculty and in the Biosafety Committee of the campus and I also participate in the Outreach Committee of our Department.

I have published more than 30 scientific articles, including 5 from my Ph.D. studies, 8 from my postdoctoral training and a number more now as an established researcher. All these publications are indexed, some of them published in relevant journals of the field such as Pharmacological Reviews, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Neuroscience, The Journal of Physiology, Journal of General Physiology and American Journal of Physiology.

Regarding my productivity indexes, my research group at the Catholic University of the North, together with national and international collaborators besides the publication of more than 10 articles in ISI journals has also actively attended national and international meetings, with 15 congress presentations in 5 years.

My achievements have been acknowledged by the adjudication of FONDECYT projects (Initiation 2012-2015 and Regular 2016-2020) and FONDEQUIP (2014). I have participated as a panel member at the Medicine G1 group in 2017 and also was a member of FONDEQUIP reviewing panel in the period 2015-2016. At international level, I actively participate as a peer-reviewer at ISI Q1-Q2 journals.

Finally, I am a member of the Chilean societies of Pharmacology and Physiology, being from 2019 the general secretary of the Chilean Society of Pharmacology .


Título:                             Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 modulates the P2X2a receptor channel gating through phosphorylation of C-terminal threonine 372

Link de la Publicación:                             https://n9.cl/xvqy

Título:                             Activation and regulation of purinergic P2X receptor channels

Link de la Publicación:                            https://n9.cl/4wczq

Título:                             Opposing Roles of Calcium and Intracellular ATP on Gating of the Purinergic P2X2 Receptor Channel

Link de la Publicación:                            https://n9.cl/zrqqn

Título:                             Role of domain calcium in purinergic P2X2 receptor channel desensitization

Link de la Publicación:                             https://n9.cl/zrqqn

Título:                             Differential Effects of Purinergic Signaling in Gastric Cancer-Derived Cells Through P2Y and P2X Receptors

Link de la Publicación:                              https://n9.cl/cg05w